Sunday, 22 April 2007

hot hot hot

Off to London at the crack of dawn - well the 6.53 train anyway. Sinfin runners made their way to london for the marathon. First stop the Expo (after droppping our bags at the hotel).
Even before we got to the expo I told the club runners that I felt a fraud and wished I was running. Certainly once I felt the buzz I wanted to be there the next day. I managed to restrict my spending to a vest for runnerbeanz, a lovely (bargain) red top for me - and an essential cap for the next day. I met up with Hippo, Stickless and sundry other forumites on the RW stand, where i picked up two huge bags of supplies for Mile 17.

The SRC weekend has a standrd format, expo, pub, rest in the hotel and then out for pasta. As last year we went ot carluccios and had a good simple meal - foccaccia (sp) which was rather salty, spaghetti in tomato sauce and lots of water. Into Waitrose to collect supplies of water, milk and other essentials, and then back to the hotel for an early night.

Saddo that I am, I did some marking first!

Up early for breakfast and then off to catch the DLR to Greenwich. The train was VERY crowded and it was a struggle for me to get off at Mudchute!

I was disoriented when I got off the train and it took me a while to work out which way the runners would be coming and where the RW cheering point would be - but I worked it out in the end.

I was on my own for quite some time and wondered what had happened to everyone else. Then I found out. A train full of runners ground to a halt at Mudchute and did not restart - so everyone offloaded and had to walk to Greenwich - maybe 2 or 3 miles? The train then blocked the line so nobody could travel in either direction. Soon more runners were walking past - from further back on the line. And the other RW supporters were having to walk with their bags of goodies - gosh was I pleased we got up so early.

And then we got ready for the day:

packed pounds of jelly babies:

blew up balloons

well you can't really miss us now can you?

but these two Brits didn't stop for a chat :<(

I had a great time, met some more forumites and Miniwomble and managed to convince myself (easily) that I was pleased I wasn't running ......

On the train on the way home I set myself some preconditions for entering the ballot next year.

I shall let you know if I meet them.


sue said...


you shall let us know if you meet them?

c'mon! that's cheating!

Next year!

I shall hopefully be running FLM, but I will have to do Rome first.

Seeing those pics at Mudchute, I did regret not being there this year. I'm so glad you enjoyed.

Sara said...

I'm glad you had a nice time in London. I watched on the TV as usual even though I keep promising myself I am going to go and watch one day. Hopefully next year I will run it. Do you get in after 3 refusals or is it 4? I not got in for the last 3 years so I'm really hoping next year will be the one.

I have read your last few posts and can identify with the difficulties you are facing. I don't think I have any answers really, but I had that kind of year last year, just couldn't get it together. However, this year I feel like things are much better. So I'm sure you will come through the other side. XXX

C A D said...

was lovely to see you again!

b-z said...

Great photos

so-spill the beanz!!!!!!!

Sara-you need 5 consecutive refusals for a guaranteed place

beanz said...

mmm I am not setting myself up for failure - again

let's just see how it goes - too many plans not enough executions

Bedders said...

great pics. unbelievably I missed the forumites at Mudshute last year when I was running and they had lots of goodies ready for me.

ps keep up with that marking (I'll do some for you!)

pps the only pre condition I can think of is that you must enter the ballot?