Wednesday, 25 April 2007

early birds

This is the week I am supposed to be starting my running before school. As I get up anyway at 6.00 it means getting up very early for a run first.

So today I did it. It was not a good day to start - lots else going on but I knew that if I didn't get up today I'd find another excuse tomorrow.

So I was awake before the alarm and out of the house by 5.20 - no visible sunrise but a very noisy dawn chorus.

I only went round the block once - 20 minutes run. It was not much but I felt better for it and I then had time ot get ready for the rest of the day without upsetting anyone else. I have decided on a run to HR approach. And will gradually build up the morning runs in time, and a longer run or two at the weekend.

The reason for needing extra morning time was that I took my first school trip out today. Pretty nerve racking (sp?) I have to say - we took 32 Year 9s to Alton Towers! Imagine the risk assessment!

Alll back in one piece apart from me - I stumbled going down the bus steps this morning, caught my back on the door handle and drew blood (did not discover that until this evening). I turned my ankle slightly but apart from stiffening u p a little after prolonged sitting, no long term damage there.

Can you tell that TOTM is nearly over and I am feeling perkier?


b-z said...

I am SERIOUSLY impressed


Girish said...

Great resolve, keep up the early morning schedule, I follow the same 5.20am time for my morning runs.

C A D said...

I'm impressed too. No way no how can I run in the morning!

Also, well done on the 32 year 9's going to Alton Towers, that would have been more than enough to throw me into a panic for weeks!!!

Highway Kind said...

sticking to a routine of early morning runs wouldn't e one of your preconditions would it?

Whatever it is very impressive.

Bedders said...

There's early and then there is EARLY......and Girish only does it because it's 1,000,000C and if he ran any later he would end up looking like a prune.

beanz said...

Thanks for the encouragement - all these supportive comments will help my resolve to do it again tomorrow!

Bedders said...

Great! and did you........? please say Yes!