Monday, 16 April 2007

back to work

Back to work today and the cold is marginally better,

but I had forgotten how tiring being on my feet all day can be - and I've only been off 3 weeks.

Anyway, it was a good day back at the chalk face.

It's going to be hectic up until Whit - exam groups wanting to do lots of revision ( I hope), which will need marking. The colleague who left at Easter has been replaced by a mishmash of supply cover, so we three remaining members of the department will be picking up lots of the admin that was shared by 4 and will now be shared by 3 - not to mention reports, school exams etc

And as the cold retreats I need to find time to run. I am seriously considering getting up half an hour early and going out in the morning, its just no good at the end of a long day. But that will mean going to bed early - difficult to do!


Bedders said...

ignoring the first's the thought of getting up early in the morning rather than the doing it that is the worst. Having said that I am a confirmed evening runner!

beanz said...

hmm I haven't been spammed for a long while - lets see how it goes - may have to resort to the letter code

sue said...

I didn't post this morning because of that silly thing! It's not happened to me - yet.

I'm an early morning type person anyway and it soon becomes a habit. I've often vowed to go after work, but unless it's a club night I nearly always find some excuse or other.

One thing about early morning excersize is that at least it energises you for the rest of the day.