Friday, 27 April 2007


In answer to bedders - yes I did do it this morning

30 minutes this time

I retrieved my garmin last night from Tigerrunner who had borrowed it for his FLM training - so now my running log has all these very fast training runs in it! He ran 2.51 on the day. The Sinfin peeps I went down to FLM with stopped over until Monday. Last year we walked the emabnkment - this year they went to Covent Garden and this is a picture they took:

Yep, they met the ladies winner and she was happy to have her pic taken with them :>)

Getting my Garmin back has been great - I am such a number geek, I really like to know how far how slow etc.

I been looking at Shades marathon training on three or four runs a week. It looks like a sensible approach - and seems to work at a 'get you round in a reasonable state/time' kind of way, given the miles run. So I am going to use the first half up to Robin Hood half (as I have done it for the past three years it seems a good idea to have another medal on the wall) and then pick up the last few weeks and repeat for Amsterdam half.


C A D said...

Beanz, if you email Shades directly, she will fix you up with a schedule. That's what she did for me with Lochaber last year. I couldn't do the mindless 6-days-a-week thing and it really played havoc with my training. But Shades' plan really put me back on track and I finished Lochaber in 5:14

Bedders said...

I think Shades may be busy as I like the look of this and may email myself.

Well done with the get-ups and run. I am really impressed as I just could not do it.

ps do you need to carry some form of headlights with you to see in the dark?

sue said...

Yes Beanz Shades will send you a spreadsheet with customized training. You'll also be able to continue to use it because it cleverly changes all the dates once you have changed the race date. It's cool!

Bedders, it's lovely out there at 5ish in the morning at the moment, quiet, cool and daylight!

b-z said...

excellent stuff beanzie