Monday, 9 April 2007

nearly giving up ....

I'm pretty fed up with running at the moment - and said to Mrbeanz this morning that maybe I should give up trying

he pointed out that I have entered a race in October so maybe I should keep at it

the trouble is that I am back at square one - still overweight and now no running fitness - I've not run consistently for a year now - since I finished FLM last April

so I went out and tried but without any plan - do I try Run-Walk or running to HR - and if so what HR?

I just don't know

so I have just posted this on RW training thread

the question
I can't decide whether to go back to basics and start with run 1 walk 1

or base train at 70% HR

I think I tend to mix them both and end up with worst of all possible worlds!

An added problem, not mentioned on the thread, is that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I run with other folk - who don't understand schedules - and certainly not structured run-walking, so I tend to just huff and puff and struggle to keep up on those days. And I don't have the courage to say 'this is what I am doing' for all sorts of reasons.



sue said...

I think that first of all maybe you ought to define what it is you want and what it is you get out of running.

Your runnning fitness will return - you've had it before, you'll have it again. It comes back quicker than building it up from scratch.

As for deciding which schedule to follow, again, it's what suits you and your lifestyle. For example, I believe that most base trainers run every day. Are you going to be able to do that?

When I first started, and later when I had to re start, I ran until my HR reached 145, then walked until it dropped to 120 and kept it within those parameters. Dunno what you would call that, but it seemed to work for me at the time.

I think that if you tell people what you are doing and why, they will understand and even be supportive. If you, for example, are doing an 'out and back' route it's easy to run at your pace for x minutes and everyone finishes at the same time.

As I said, it's defining what it is that motivates your running - I for one would miss meeting you at races and would be sad to see you let it go.


b-z said...

thats a great post Sue

Beanz--------like i said, as i dont follow any training schedule myself, it would be silly of me to advise you
I think i also need to go away and think about what i want form running-have been feeling a distinct lack of confidence since this injury

whatever you decide, we will still be your friends, whether you are runing or not, although i would also think it a huge shame if you stopped running

Bedders said...

The only reason most of us run is to keep some form of health and fitness as we get older. There are many other sports one can do, it's just that running is easy, fun and there are lots of great people to meet along the way. The problem is that we then get a bit competitive and our original reason for taking up running goes out the window.

Take your time. You will get your base fitness up quicker than you think. And try and remind yourself why you do it. TC