Thursday, 29 March 2007

from Italy ...

This is weird - blogger is in Italian and its an Italian keyboard too - so punctuation is tricky! And the mouse is on the left - something to do with RSI I think.

My sister works as a translator of technical documents, I am using her computer whilst she is at her gymnastics class - no chance of me doing that I am so uncoordinated and I wouldn't understand the instructions anyway.

I just thought I might blog as I have been exercising as well as eating and drinking well.

My sister tries to go for a 30 minute walk each day so we did that on Tuesday evening after supper and yesterday morning after our cappuccino (sp?)- including a hill!

I have been getting lots of sleep - this morning I had planned to get up at 7.30 to go for a run and set the alarm on my phone - but had forgotten to move it on an hour when I arrived- so did not wake until 8.15. But I still went for a run - just a couple of miles but there is a good fitness trail that is about a mile long, I only did it once today and my calves were SO tight. Maybe another day I will do it twice.

Tomorrow is swimming.

So I am feeling very rested and relaxed - doing lots of reading too.


Bedders said...

sounds like the perfect break

sue said...

taking a step back from the hurley burley of life is essential.

enjoy the break and come back refreshed and clear headed. We can get so bogged down in life that priorities can get confused.

Sara said...

Glad you are having a nice time. I'm impressed that you managed to blog on an Italian computer!