Sunday, 11 March 2007

a week on ..

thanks for the support

Had a nice day out yesterday - went up to Sunderland to the National XC champs.

Very windy but at least it was dry.

TB ran well, despite a sore achilles he kept going and improved his relative time compared to last year in the same age group - shame there were 100 fewer runners in the group - all those soft southerners who couldn't make the journey.

He'll be moving up a group next year to Junior men so it will be a 10k race - which might suit him better if he can keep building the endurance between now and then.

Must have walked at least 5 km yesterday.

Got up this morning to run, but as I was getting dressed something went in my back and I am now walking and sitting as though my spine is a pile of bricks that might topple if I don't keep it straight. I really should do my core strength even though I am not finding much opportunity to run.


sue said...

Well done that TeanBeanz - he is doing well, I hope he appreciates the support he's getting from his Ma!

Take it easy with that back, and yes, core strength is the way to go.

Take care


Bedders said...

Nice one TB. Careful with that Achillies as this soft southerner knows all about that!