Saturday, 17 March 2007

bleurgh - moan warning

I'm supposed to be entering Amsterdam Half - I've bought the air ticket and committed to the hotel room

but I'm fatter than I've ever been (truly - the scales do not lie) and seem to have no will power to do anything about it

I haven't run for a week and my sore back is morphing into an excuse not to run

its spring and I should be getting out in the garden - but said back is putting me off risking doing any bending or digging

I have almost no social life - the highlight of my week is chatting to A whilst our lads train and afterwards with the coach - the fact that we are parents and have running sons is about the limit of what we have in common

work is tough at the moment, there is a general feeling of lack of support from the top on discipline issues - and I am concerned that if I refer upwards and get no support I am in a worse situation than ever - it is sad how a few girls can spoil an otherwise pleasurable job

ok so all that is the tip of the iceberg moan - I can think of three good things, though they don't really keep me going very well:
  • I have a healthy family
  • I have some good friends out there in the ether
  • only a week to go to the end of term (sorry state school peeps) and then I am off to Italy to see my sister (wishing I was not so blobby)

PS I suspect all this is TOTM related so can be ignored really


b-z said...

hang on in there

Bedders said...

Now listen up. Amsterdam half is a long way away (and worth doing). Half term is a week away. And worth having. The scales always tell the truth . And that's why we step on them. Bad backs come with getting older. And get better. Will power likewise. And I bet your sister can't wait to see you.

..........not sure this helps, but don't let it beat you.

Sara said...

Hi Beanz, Sorry things are tough at the moment. It will pass. One step at a time. Take care and enjoy your break. XXX

sue said...

Hi Beanzie - I'm just back from Rome. You'll have a lovely break, make the most of the chance for renewal.

You'll get there

I'm wondering when Amsterdam ½ is ..............hmmmmmmmm

b-z said...

October i think--------