Sunday, 4 March 2007

what was there to say?

Haven't posted for a while - life has just been difficult

Work continues to be all consuming - I know it should get a bit better next year - but there will still be new stuff to be taught, so the preparation load will not ease that much

and I haven't done all that well recently - too much busking it to be comfortable

on other fronts, very little running of any description

not enough healthy eating to make a difference

so all that adds up to feeling low and not very sociable

so no blogging

no forumming

but thanks for the emails of concern

take this as a reply


Sara said...

Hope you will soon be feeling better. It's hard to juggle everything sometimes. X

b-z said...

I am still really worried about you

I wish i could do something to help

sue said...

((xx)) Beanzie - take your time to adjust to your new lifestyle. Don't be guilty and please don't be a stranger.

Just a sentence or two on here and/or the forum so that we know you are ok.

I hope you're still coming to Stratford? I may need a friendly hand to pull me out of the water ;0)

Bedders said...

great to see you are back. take your time. i am going through a life change at present and it's not easy - feels like plate spinning some times doesn't it.....just let a couple drop.