Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Back to the phyzz

I saw the phyzz today and she is pleased with progress - I am about in the right place for three weeks from injury.
I now have a gym programme, to increase leg strength and also CV fitness, without running.

I am not sure about this CV work - whether I need to get my HR up to the same value - perceived effort on the static bike does not result in as high a HR as running at the same effort - presumably something to do with mot carrying my weight? Or maybe its just that I don't like the bike?

I also aim to get as much preparation for next term done as possible. If I am going to be training for a marathon I need to make time for the training. And if some of that training is in the gym rather than the road, it takes a bigger chunk of time to do and is logistically more difficult.

I've managed to keep off the sweet stuff - apart from (I confess) checking out the first batch of mince pies I've made this season.


Highway Kind said...

Percieved exertion is all you need to go by as your heart rate will vary with different types of exercise.

The Gym might take longer but at least its warm

womble said...

Your heart rate simply doesn't go as high on the bike as when running. I would have to scratch my head to work out why though (and then remove the splinters). I would suggest that my own experience this year is that cycling is very useful as cardio cross training so, if you can bear it, then keep with it. Don't worry about hr, go for perceived exertion as suggested by the venerable HK.

b-z said...

aounds good to me