Sunday, 16 December 2007

This week I have ...........

Seen the phyzz

Been to the gym twice to do CV and strength work

Done some step-ups and walking whilst Runnerbeanz was tearing round the track on Saturday

Eaten rather more mince pies than intended

Feel as though there is no chance of me being fit to do London - I really don't want to do it unless I can acquit myself well. At the moment I can't believe I'll ever do a long run again. The phyzz suggests I might be doing some of the early runs as other CV for the time the schedule says to do the running.
I know that if, at this stage I throw in the towel for FLM, I will not do the exercises she has given me properly or try to eat properly, but I feel a fraud saying I hope to do it when I am not even running and its only 17 weeks away.
I do want to do exactly as she has told me and not risk further injury by getting back too soon. But I just feel so fed up


Highway Kind said...

No don't get fed up just re-adjust your target.

If the FLM is not a realistic aim there are other races a bit later. There must be something that captures your imagination.

Every year is a clean sheet - you can sit down at the begining and have fun with the plan (the reaality you can deal with later).

The only thing that matters is to keep going.

sue said...

Ditto HH