Tuesday, 11 September 2007

ditch the bleep

I think Saturday's run has given me confidence at last.

Managed ot get to bed in time to get up and run this morning - there were stars in the sky at 5.15!!

Walked for about 3/4 mile then began to jog - felt ok but HRM was beeping - so instead of walking I turned it off!
And ran, pausing for stretch at a suitable bus shelter and then ran most of the way round the (undulating) route - 4.5 miles done, 30s / mile quicker than last time for the same route and AHR 8 higher. The three running miles were at the pace I need to run Amsterdam to avoid the cut-off :>)


Highway Kind said...

This is sounding really positive. More than half the battle is in thinking youcan do it.

You can do it

womble said...

How do you spell 'hallelujah'?

I think that's what I was trying to say a while ago, run to how you feel not the beeping! Well done. If you feel ok at a certain pace then re-set the beeping (if you want to run to beep) to that new level.

You're going really well just now.

[Beams again]


b-z said...


It IS flipinng dark at 6 am even-yikes!

Girish Mallya said...

Always believe in your instincts, technology is nothing more than a aid.