Saturday, 8 September 2007

keeping going

I have not run all week - long days at school followed by preparation for the next day left me with not enough sleep to get up early and run.

But today is long run and fortunately I have a plodpal to make me get out and do it.

She texted me to say could we do our 10 miles this week and step down next week as she has a 10k next week.

So 10 miles to do and it went like this.

Walk for just under a mile to warm up
Plod for a mile then stretch.
Run for 8 miles with NO WALKING.

how good is that?

OK it was slow but hey it was not walking.

I have NEVER run more than 3 miles without convincing myself that I can't possibly keep going. How did this happen?
Well plodpal is running easy, so she chats the whole time - and I answer in short breathy sentences.
It was mostly through a pleasant country park on decent paths and only very slight undulations.

And once I realised I had done more than 3 miles, I just thought I can do this - and kept going :>)


b-z said...

thats bloody brilliant

you just have to believe in yourself

womble said...