Saturday, 29 September 2007

another long run

After a couple of weeks trying to do long runs without the TP we got together again today for 12 miles.

We do most of the run off-road, round a country park, with a variety of routes to give different length loops. We reckon that if we get into FLM we'll be able to do quite a lot of long runs here before we get bored - just going the 'long way round' to get there from TP's house, and back!

After a warm up three quarters of a mile we ran the rest - rather slowly but without walking :>)

The trouble is it was nearly a minute a mile slower than we'll need to do in three weeks time. And the cut-off looks pretty serious from the website.

The good thing is that TP seems to enjoy the runs as much as I do - and she is talking about continuing after Amsterdam, ticking over until FLM training starts.


b-z said...


did you say-FLM??????

On race day you will be quicker

beanz said...

mm FLM - well I have hit half the criteria I set myself, and somehow I appear to have talked TP into entering on the basis that we enjoy long runs together (and that was the hardest part for me on the last two occasions - as you know, b-z)

So I thought I'd better enter!

so just need to meet the other criterion before race day!

womble said...

We all have faster and slower days, especially in training. I agree with b-z - things are always different on race day, adrenalin being the main thing :o)

Highway Kind said...

I like the idea of loops in country parks. Route variations and changes in the season mean always keep things interesting.

As the others said - don't worry about the time. (Anyway aren't your long training runs meant to be slower?)