Sunday, 16 September 2007


A short plod early on Friday - I was worried about getting back for work, and various other things so did not go so far as Tuesday.

Step down week this week so I planned to do 7 miles - TP is off doing Mablethorpe 10k so was on my own today. Not going too badly, though first running mile was a bit quick. On the way home I met some lady runners coming the other way, looking at them, wondering if they were going to acknowledge me when I tripped over a speed bump - on the footpath!!
Landing flat on my front rather took the wind out of my sails and in spite of my frontal cushioning I managed to graze a knee and take a lump of skin off my elbow - so was a bit bloody by the time I'd done the last mile home - I ended up doing 6 not 7 as I decided I didn't need the extra mile today.
[Oh and the lady runners did stop to help, although they had run past without a smile previously]


b-z said...

ouch indeed

fab training though

Sara said...

Poor you! I'm always surprised at how affronted I feel if I fall over, and yet the children do it all the time (at least at when they're young) and I just say "come on, get up, you're fine". Glad you're doing so well with your running. I reading blogs looking for inspiration. Going to go out early tomorrow morning :-)

womble said...

Oh dear. These things happen. Annoying when they do but I think all runners fall over, so "come on, get up, you're fine"!

And I agree with beanz, you're doing well.


womble said...

I probably agree with b-z actually.