Sunday, 23 September 2007

quicker :>)

Only managed a little plod inthe week.

Out today on my own - TP was racing again.

Didn't really plan route properly so did not go as far as I should have done.

It felt hard - but it turns out I was running a bit quicker than I have done recently. I did 7 miles and five miles in the middle were all at a pace quicker than I need to do in Amsterdam :>)
I found it hard to keep going on my own without TP, maybe because I was going a bit quick. I really am not good at judging pace, I am just so used to it always being a real effort, I can't do 'running easy'.
Runnerbeanz and his squad were doing a whistle run on Thursday - a kind of fartlek where the coach controls the intervals, shorter hards with longer recoveries to start with and as the runners drop out and it whittles down to the hard core the hards get longer and the recoveries shorter. I watched for a while and there did not seem to be a perceptible easing off when the whistle went for recovery, but you could see more effort when he blew again for the next effort. Oh to be young and fit and run like that! I am pleased to say that RB stuck in there and held on for the full session of 36 minutes. And then he did a hills session yesterday. XC here he comes!

Later ...
Runnerbeanz went out before lunch and did his long run - I thought he was wimping out when I went out for mine but he did it - nearly 8 miles, further than me and he has nothing longer than 10k in his sights (sigh).


b-z said...

all sounds good

womble said...

That Runnerbeanz is good, isn't he? Must be in his genes :o))

Highway Kind said...

Pacing is a really strange art. Some people are very good at knowing how fast they are running.

(All I know is how hard it is feeling - not the same thing at all.)

But running big chunks at faster than race pace shows really good progress