Sunday, 7 October 2007

no run for over a week :<(

I did not get out during the week at all - a sore throat has been threatening to turn into something worse and I have been up to my eyes in work.

However I did post my Brass Monkey entry and FLM - but they are probably lost in the post office strike chaos and will both miss the deadlines.

I should have run this weekend but Grandmabeanz seemed to need a visit - several plaintive phone calls in the week. So after a long open morning at school I tripped over to see GB, and forgot my running shoes, I had planned to go out this morning. Ah well a lie in instead.

Now back home and I need to get on with work so I can fit in a run in the week.

Two weeks from now it will all be happening and I'll be worrying about the cut off.


sue said...

Not seen you for a while, so I thought I'd pop in here!

Try not to worry too much, on race day I'm sure the atmosphere and WAISTer vibes will carry you through ;0)

I'm fast coming to the conclusion that it's relaxation (of mind and body) not effort that wins the day! I think we tend to develop the habit of working tooooooo hard at things then tension and worry gets in the way.

Stay cool - ( and try and bag some 'me' time occasionally)

Highway Kind said...

These colds are terrible. Everbody seems to have something at the moment.

But I'm sure you will be fine.

I hope I can see you there

beanz said...

HK - are you going to be there????

womble said...

You won't be worrying about the cut-off at all, you'll be fine.

b-z said...

course you will be fine
races is different to training:)

Highway Kind said...


I have a sacrificial email address of (joe bright is not my name by the way)

Could you email me so that we can make some arrangement for meeting up