Tuesday, 18 March 2008

well a good start

First day of the hols yesterday and I managed to use it constructively.
  • Some gardening- digging is a bit of a strain on the back though.
  • Some exam board work.
  • Browsing various bits of software for teaching.
  • Another gym session, my back did not like th hill setting on the tready.
  • And a weigh in - 3 pounds lost this week :>))
So now I have no excuse of the stresses of the job I need to stay focused.

Rest day today - with plenty of non-physical things to do.

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Revrunner said...

One of the recommendations my doctor made (who also is a runner, by the way) is that I cut out inclines altogether on my treadmill workouts.

His argument is that it puts too much stress on my--ahem--"older" muscles and ligaments and can easily be made up in less stressful cross-training workouts, as in cycling.

Don't know the science behind all of that, but I do know that since I started following his advice, I haven't had nearly the trouble I was having.