Friday, 1 September 2006

other things

It's Friday and I haven't run since my long run on Monday - life has put other things in the way

Wednesday was club night, but I was not sure that anyoen woudl be there to plod with and I just did not feel up to doing anything, so I took teenbeanz along and became keeper of the car keys

As it turned out I could have done the boundary again - or gone for a walk with our V69 witht eh broken shoulder

Then THursday and Friday have been a breaking in to the new job - induction for new staff on Thursday and a staff 'training day' today.

It probably has raised more questions than it has answered but has ben very tiring - a plan swim this evening has been postponed - the idea of driving back across town in the traffic with the teenbeanzes was to wearying. Instead I came home, had a cup of tea and crashed for half an hour while MrBeanz cooked a not very slimming fish and chips!

the TBs and I plan to swim tomorrow - I may even plod as well if I wake up early.

New job stops properly next week when pupils arrive - that will concentrate my mind!


b-z said...

yuo will be fine

HappyasLarry said...

Take things easy, its going to be stressful to start with.
Once you get a bit settled things will start to fall in place again.

Outsidenow said...

That's right settle yourself in first and when you feel like it pick it up again.


sue said...

well how did it go???

coach said...

What Sue said :o)