Monday, 28 August 2006


Taking on board the support and suggestions here, I took a look at Galloway and decided that I would aim to do Run 2 walk 1 at Robin Hood.

And if I am going to try to do that I'd better try it out first!

So Saturday morning I was up before the visitors were stirring and went out for four miles - starting with a warm up walk and then setting the garmin to beep at 2 minutes, 1 minute, ran walked it.

As Pixie has said elsewhere it is a bit strange walking when you don't need to but I stuck with it and it was much happier when i came home after 4 miles. [I did have to do run 1 walk2 on a particularly steep bit coming home.]

This morning, Monday, was to be my long run, as the visitors had gone. Initially I had planned to do 12 miles, but it is now too close to RH - less than 2 weeks - for that to actually have any effect on my fitness for the race, so I decided to go out for just 2 hours and do the RW again.

Warm up 10 minutes and then into the R2W1 again. I kept it going well, calling at the gym for a drink after an hour and then coming back.

It was more of a struggle to keep it going on the uphill bit coming home and became a bit unstructured for a couple of reps and while I switched to R1 walk 2, and then I was home. I felt a much happier bunny than a week ago and 8 miles done (under 2 hours as it turned out).

I did this without my usual get up 2 hours earlier and eat. Juts some juice before I set off. Rather hungry after 1.5 hours -maybe that affected my struggle up the hill too.


sue said...

Well done! It shows you can do it. I'm so glad your optimism is returning :0)

It may be an idea to take an energy bar or gel with you when you are out for more than an hour. I usually take a SIS gel after an hour and every hour after that. The gels apparently get into your system a little quicker than the bars.

Having said that, I took one with me on Saturday for my 2 hour run, but I packed it into my Camelbak (another essential for runs of more than an hour is water). When it came to it, I didn't want to stop, take my backpack off and dig out the gel. I paid for it later, I got home ok, but was wiped out for the rest of the day!!! Lesson learnt.

You have expert advice with your Coach, but if I were to advise you, it would be to stick with the 2R1W until after your planned ½M races, then up the ante after the pressure is off.

Keep plodding xxx

b-z said...

You sound MUCH more positive

Evil Pixie said...

Well Done Beanz! Really pleased to see the PMA returning!

coach said...

Tsk tsk, no breakfast????

Was a good outing though. I'm proud of your determination and it will pay off :o)

Bedders said...

well done - that Galloway guy knows his stuff. If its any help if I am running in the mornings I always try and grab a slice of toast and a cuppa before I go out. It really makes a difference compared to an empty stomach.

sue: I love the SIS drinks but simply can't stand the gells!!