Tuesday, 1 August 2006

going backwards

I just don't seem to be making much progress at the moment.

OK so I hadn't been out for a week what with insect bites and blister.

I went out for my normal 4 miler today - adding a bit on the front walking to try and get a better run my warming up effectively.

But it was still a struggle - I think I am just lazy basically - even when it is pretty flat I don't seem to be able to keep running for even a mile without slowing down to walk - and the run isn't exactly fast anyway.

Still, 4.5 miles done, maybe it will be better next time.


sue said...

4½ miles is no mean feat Beanzie, give yourself some credit! 'Lazy' people don't bother to go at all!

I'm sure if you look back on your running year, you will see some improvement, it is normal for people to hit a plateau as well - so don't beat yourself up.

Just think what you would say to someone else who posted what you did, you would be kind and encouraging. Be kind to yourself and you will get there!

PS, why don't you start a thread on the forum about Trailplus and see how many people will sign up for it. January is a long way away for people to plan, but we can keep 'boinging' at least until people are back from summer hols.

Bedders said...

I know exactly how you feel. At the moment every run seems to be an effort. Still you can't call yourself lazy after 4.5 miles. That's not right at all! Lazy people don't worry about not being able to exercise!! In fact they are quite proud of it.

Have a few days off - bottle of wine and relax. Then come back in two days full of motivation. It sometimes works for me.

Outsidenow said...

Beanz you're not going backwards!

You're out there and you are getting on with it. Although it's a bit tough just now don't worry it'll all come back to you.


bz said...

and maybe you and i need another little plod together