Sunday, 6 August 2006

Holidays at last!

So here I am sitting in the garden in Cambridge knowing that I am not going to think about work for more than a week :>))

Saturday was the first day of the holiday and I slept until 11 so no morning run. A slow brunch and then off to Ely - the Cathedral is as fantastic as I remember it from years ago. I'm emailing this so the pics will have to wait.

I woke earlier this morning so teenbeanz and I went out for a plod. Bud (Buldaro) says TB should aim to do about 15-20 minutes every morning just to turn the legs over. So went round the block 1.5 miles and then I went on for another 4 miles.

This week I have run 10 miles and power - walked 10 miles - so a better week than I thought l'd have :>)

Off to Center Parc tomorrow so it should be a week of plodding and swimming. And we'll see if I can learn to love the bike.


HappyasLarry said...

Maybe you needed a break and a rest Beanzie. After the holdiday you can go for it again with renewed enthusiasm.
Its good that you and Teenbeanz are running together, makes it more enjoyable and gets you out again.

Outsidenow said...

Have a lovely time on your hols beanz.

sue said...

have a relaxing and restful holiday Beanzie. Do stuff for fun not because you 'ought to'.

Have fun on the bike, don't work too hard at it!!

Bedders said...

Good luck on the bike and have a great time at Centre Parcs

bz said...

have a great time
and get in plenty of plodding!