Thursday, 24 August 2006

more structure

under the guidance of SuperCoach I have done a structured session on the treadmill - hills and walking very rapidly!

4.6 km done

now to wait for the teenbeanzes to come back from school with their results


Edit later

GCSE results ok :>)

my blood was rejected for donation - low iron count again - the've raised the bar apparently under an EEU directive!

12.4 whatevers per whatsit needed to be 12.5


coach said...

Well done the teenbeanzes!!!!

Poor you, feeling rejected. It's happened to me too before now. Do you take an iron supplement at all? Might help with the blood donation but also generally (it's in your red blood cells and that's where your oxygen carrying happens bla bla bla).

And good on you for the structured session. I hope you enjoyed and it weren't just cursing the coach ;o)

b-z said...

Haemoglobin requirement has always been 12.5 in Wales!

Well done to the teen beanzes

Outsidenow said...

Pleased at teenbeanz success. This can be a tough time for da yoof.

Low iron count may explain why you were not too happy with you plodding recently.

Bedders said...

sounds very scientific. how is it we only find out these things when we go and try and give blood?

Congrats to all on the GCSEs

philipwhiuk said...

Where's the blog for today?

Anyway, I'll back-comment and just remind you to think positive! Remember, you are trying, doing your best, which is all everyone expects.

Keep going and you will suceed.

< PS > Thanks coach! < /PS >

Elle said...

Well done Mum for all the hard work behind the scenes.

Thought of taking iron tablets? Not to donate in the end but for your own well-being. You are asking a lot from your body, give it something back as well.

Good luck.