Saturday, 19 August 2006

13 miles? No Chance!

I've been out for my 'long run' this morning and it was awful. I am incapable of sustaining a run without having to drop down to a walk. I think this is as much in my head as my legs – I find myself running along for a while thinking about something else so I can do it – but as soon as I think about it, it becomes too hard.

I have NEVER been able to run continuously on my own –the only time I have ever done it is at the club when I plod along with my V69 running partner – but now he has broken his shoulder I don’t even have that to look forward to.

The most depressing part of this run was that after 8 miles I just could not even run-walk any longer – and walked the mile and a half home, feeling thoroughly miserable.

How could I possibly ‘run’ 13 miles in three weeks time?

I just cannot do with another heroic failure at this stage.

I think Robin Hood might be another DNS.


Outsidenow said...

It's like you say yourself beanz, it IS all in your head.

I fully agree that running with other peeps does seem to make it easier. But as it doesn't appear to be an option at the moment why don't you try mp3/ipod and listen to a good talking book or some music if you prefer.

If I'm doing a really hilly run myself I often take along the mp3 player with some uplifting music on it. For me, it really does help to get me up the tough hills particularly.

It takes my mind off the task in hand and I just do it.

Good luck & don't be so down on yourself.

b-z said...

Its ONE bad run
but you DID do 9.5 miles
and training alone is MUCH harder than racing

sue said...

We all get our 'bad' times Beanzie - you are incredibly busy with other things, but you still find the time and the energy to get out there!

I agree with b-z, training is much harder than racing.

I also take my ipod with me on my runs - I listen to music or books depending on what I am doing.

Why not go gentler on yourself, forget the running for a short while and go walking, cycling, swimming or whatever you enjoy. Then try a run after not allowing yourself to run for at least a week. I bet you enjoy it!!

....and don't go beating yourself up if you DNS or even DNF, it takes a strong person to know when to do something and when to say no the time is not right!

coach said...

I've just entered RH half. So you've got to do it now :o)