Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Back home

So back home and intent on keeping the running going while I have time - fortunately the first week of term will be a taper for Robin Hood!

So up this morning and out for a plod in the drizzle - almost thought I needed gloves when I set off, but it was not really that cold once I was moving.

Usual slow first mile, but the second mile seemed to be going ok - I looked at my HRM and it was well above the required 135 - but still I was running and it didn't feel too bad - so I kept going and realised I could actually run a mile without pausing to walk!! Have not done that for a while - so was well pleased.

4.6 miles done.

I have clocked up some miles while away, because although I didn't do all that many runs, I did lots of 'power walking' around the village. I think it must have done some good because I lost a bit of weight too :>))

On a totally different note, owing to the serendipitous nature of the web I came across this this morning. I think I'll get the girls to deconstruct it to check out the physics.

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Bedders said...

I just love a good old taper!