Monday, 21 August 2006

away from running

I am having a couple of days with grandma beanz (my Mum) - we've ben to London - on the Eye and round the Houses of Parliament.
And lots of time on feet - London pavements are SO hard.

Now back at Mum's and sneaking a go on her computer (which she acquired at teh grand age of 82!).

Thanks for all the suportive comments - I Do appreciate them.

The trouble is I haven't RUN 9 miles or 13 miles or 26 miles ever.

I stumble round with an unstructured run-walk session where the walks have happenend because I can't push myself to run anymore. It is usually not very long before that happens - as those who have kindly plodded with me know.

Ho hum - home tomorrow. We'll see what happens next.


b-z said...

Ive never run a full marathon either
and ive only run a whole half-once

sue said...

It's ok not to have run the whole way Beanz! But maybe the clue is in the 'unstructured' word.

In our groups, we always stop the run/walkers at a point before they get too tired. They then walk until fully recovered, that is, they are breathing normally.

I always suggest to the beginner racers that they plan the run according to their ability. Some for instance will run 10 minutes and walk for 1, some 5 and 2, and anything in between that. I suggest that they do this even if they feel that they could go on. It works, trust me :0)

Highway Kind said...

Run-walk is good but as Sue said the key is to make it structured.

You should read Jeff Galloway - he is evengelical about the method.

I know you like your Garmin and all the charts but what you need is a watch with a timer that will beep for example after every 10 minutes and then 1 minute later. This will get you into a run-walk rhythm.

Don't despair. There are a lot of peole here to cheer you on.

sue said...

Garmins will do that HK!