Sunday, 13 August 2006

Sunday run

Well it poured with rain most of Saturday so we mostly played games and read.
It was still pouring down at 7 this morning so I turned over and went back to sleep for an hour. At 8 it had nearly stopped so I went out.
I need to get a few longer runs in before Robin Hood so thought I'd try to do 2 laps of my earlier runs. I took a drink and hid it at the end of the first lap so that I wouldn't have to go back in the house.
As before I started with a walking mile then a low HR mile before getting into my stride. So the first couple of miles are not enjoyable, but at least I feel in control. By about 2.5 miles I am beginning to enjoy it and the idea of a second lap is good rather than to be avoided (which it was at 2 miles).
So a drink and then round again - 7 miles done.
4 deer, numerous rabbits and squirrels and a cluster of jays (I think there's a collective noun for jays but can't think of it - a laughter?).
A great off- road run.

Followed later by 3 course Sunday lunch!


womble said...

I think you're right about the laughter of jays. Remember that and think "I am a jay" :o)

Laughter cures lots of things, so they say. [Not sure it can make you run faster - it just might not matter so much!]

b-z said...

great run beanz

Bedders said...

a well deserved 3 course lunch!