Sunday, 17 September 2006

first week in the job

First full week in the job - so how was it from an exercise point of view?

I used to work from home so spent a lot of time sitting at a desk on the ground floor. I had the flexibility to plod when I pleased, and a lovely park to walk in - that I didn't take advantage of enough.

Now I am teaching, I am on my feet most of the day, and have 40 stairs between the staff room and my lab. So physically it is much more tiring than the old job. I need to be able to get up the stairs without my HR going sky high!

It is like being back at the beginning again - every lesson to prepare and homework to mark. So evenings are mostly taken with that and squeezing in exercise is tight. The best thing is to do it early evenign while the TB are doing there after school stuff - but I have felt so tired at that stage so far. But this is how the last week has gone:

Monday - nothing

Tuesday - went to the gym straight from school, but at the end of a long day I did not do much - probably dehydratedand hungry, but basically knackered - will try swimming next week, see if being off my feet is better than tready and X-trainer.

Wednesday - Club night - walked nearly 4 miles with V69 - but we managed 1mm quicker than last week. I may be walking this for some time - after all he ran slowly with me, so this is the least I can do.

Thursday - very late night at school - nothing

Friday - had thought we might swim, but too weary - next week we will try for an early tea and then go and swim

Saturday - Teenbeanz had a traning session in the park - hills up and down the river bank, so I plodded along the river

Sunday - TB was told to do a really easy run - so we went together and did 4 miles at R2 W1 - with the runs being his slow pace, but I was working.

And after I had put all this in the spreadsheet I discover this year's total mileage has no passed the mileage for 2005 :>)

I guess that shows some kind of progress.


sue said...

It's lovely that you can see some progress Beanzie! To surpass your 2005 mileage with nearly 3 months of the year left is progress indeed!

You need to be allowing yourself to settle into the new routine, you will soon adapt and become less tired at the end of the day! I do find it difficult myself to go to the gym at the end of the day, but I'm lucky in that I can get to classes and the pool before work (or even lunch time occasionally).

Keep up the good work!

Outsidenow said...

...what sue said about the new job. You need to settle in.

Glad to hear about your mileage so whatever you do between now & end of year is pure profit. When you've had your feet under the table for a wee while you'll find more time.

Life has a way of working itself out, even work life.

b-z said...

that looks a pretty good effort to me considering you have started a new unfamilar job

coach said...

I'm still proud of you! Yes, you need to settle in to your new job. The stairs thing is a good target, perhaps we can make that one of your training objectives! Would you mind wearing your hr monitor a few times so we can set a base level? Seriously!

And, don't forget you started the week with a half marathon!

A new routine will sort itself out and you'll find new ways of fitting your exercise in. (I'm sure they need a running club.....)


beanz said...

excellent idea about the HRM, coach!

will do