Tuesday, 5 September 2006

started at last

It has been a long run up to starting the real job of teaching - but at last this afternoon I did it!

It has been a tale of admin and chaos - fortunately a small organisation so they can get away with it! Very nice people - but sometimes ..... Mrbeanz says I should keep a diary and write a 'Thank God it's Friday' column for the TES - teenbeanz says i shoudl blog it

but I shall do neither - just tell it all over tea at home!

anyway so far so good I think .....

It's difficult to tell with teenage girls whether they are engaged or not sometimes!

Not much time to run - I manage 25 minutes on the tready last night before my bunion decided a day on my feet was enough - I need some wider work shoes - difficult to find shoes that will accommodate said bunion - but maybe these will do.

Sam Murphy says they are designed for people with diabetes ( not yet but I will if I don't lose the weight) and come in a wide fitting - will have to see if the running shop can get some for me.

Prep for Robin Hood is not looking good at the moment - the trouble is when I don't do it I lose belief that I ever could - and R2 W1 is really pathertic anyway.


Coach said...

Of course you'll do RH, and you'll do it in under 3h. I have a special watch for the job and it will beep at regular intervals :D

And I've bought my train ticket. Only trouble.... don't remember getting a race pack. Yet.

b-z said...

I have run with you
of course you can do it

there is a lady on the matire thread called tehuti, who is aiming for about 3 hours at RH-maybe you two should hook up?

Evil Pixie said...

>playfully slaps Beanz<
1) you CAN and will do RH!
2) 2:1 is not pathetic
3) just remeber HAVE FUN!