Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Crumbs no blog for 10 days

seems much longer actually

thanks to those who enquired - I just have not had the time or energy to blog or forum recently - I KNOW that it takes too much of my time in surfing around, so I decided I had to do without completely for a while

I have missed my friends having some ups and downs and I regret that - but I am sorry, I just didn't have any capacity at all to cope with anything outside my tiny little world

so on emerging today I suspect part of the problem was exhaustion, and part was TOTM - so much for that disapeparing as you get older - seems to be worth than ever both before and during

anyway, I did get to the club last night and we had two new recruits to our mini running group - both beginners, so I am back to R2W1! I will have to try for something more sustained at the weekend.

this is now officially my lowest mileage month ever - I really need to find a race to focus my training, if I had been doing FLM I would have gone out when I got home tonight and squeezed out a few miles but as it was I just gave in and cooked tea instead

but I can't actually face the idea of any kind of race at the moment, so inspiration is needed



Outsidenow said...

Sorry to hear things are a bit tough at the moment beanz.

I'll just leave you some of these.


Evil Pixie said...

take it easy Beanz and try and get some you time even if it is just a 5mins walk at lunch. Get the Mr to go for a post tea walk maybe just to get some fresh air and exercise? I tend to blog throughout the day and then e-mail myself so just need to post at home!

b-z said...

leaving a hug

you need a no pressure race really

goes away to think

sue said...

I've been thinking for you Beanzie - the only thing I can think of at the moment is a R4L, but they are a long way off yet!

Perhaps, it's not so much a race as a different goal, like running for 30 minutes by a certain date?

Bedder said...

B. come here....*hug*.....forget the apologies. Foget the running.....and try and focus on something else. I have had a similar rough time recently and can offer you no more adive than ride with it. take care.

b-z said...

I was thinking of a R4L type event too