Sunday, 13 November 2011

What I did at the weekend

I am back from a great weekend with knitty friends.
We met up at a friend's home, knitted, nattered, drank lots of tea, ate good food.
We even managed a walk round the village, including the churchyard, where many stones were so worn it was impossible to read the inscriptions. Other little angels had stood the test of time much better.

In common with many houses with children, there was  a trampoline in the back garden. Fit Friend couldn't resist checking out whether she could still do it. She can ->
 I have never been on a trampoline before. But with a great coach, I was soon flying! Well of the ground anyway.
Fit Friend says 10 minutes a day woudl be great exercise.
I can believe it!

Walking this week?
Monday x
Tuesday ü
Friday x
Saturday ü


CCK said...

Great you are getting the walking in....I've never been on a trampoline either...looks like fun though.

Judy said...

Brilliant !!

womble said...

I think Fit Friend is right about the trampolining, and you do look like you're enjoying it :-)