Tuesday, 17 October 2006

some progress ....

went into work yesterday to find my lab full of workmen - they'd come to replace my ancient lighting with new bright fluroescent tubes

which I must not complain about as everyone tells me it is really dim in the winter, but it meant I couldn't get at my filing cabinet :<(

however I did do lots of other stuff, sorting past exam papers and copying them for the classes to use - just means I have a mountain of past questions to do now - shouldn't set questions I haven't tried, it's a good way to get caught out!

I went in again today and did a morning's work, but was then frustrated by lack of access to my lab, so I came home and went for a swim :>)

will have to go back next week and sort out my work space which is now piled high with stuff to be filed!

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womble said...

Well done on the swim. Now, don't forget to have some more time for you. The weekend doesn't count - that was the weekend! Try and make a point of doing something really nice for you on a weekday.

[warm hugs]