Friday, 27 October 2006

what running again?

Planned to be up really early and plod out along the A6

but didn't wake until 8.00 by which time the A6 would be full of traffic and smelly

so took the sensible decision and went back to sleep ........................

no not really - I decided to go in the park - which is not possible early because its dark!

so up to R4 W2 now - first 3 reps were ok, fourth was tough, fifth impossible - up seriously killer hill through the woods

on a positive note I realised that the field I did two reps round (0.4 miles each) would be good for runnerbeanz's XC training, so we could use it together without having to stick together - in fact there is a second field which would make the rep longer for RB

so a good start tt he day

now off to visit studentbeanz at University - haven't seen her for nearly 2 months and haven't seen her flat at all

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