Sunday, 15 October 2006

lazy weekend

so it's the beginning of the two week 'break' but I have loads to do - both in school at home

so I haven't done any of them this weekend - just slept late(ish) and pottered

yesterday I went with Teenbeanz to the first cross country race of the season - a lovely day, autmnal sunshine, soft underfoot, but not muddy, and a chance to meet people and chat

it was a toughie - a new course this year and several folk came off from the men's race saying it was the toughest they'd done in the league

(TB's recce had suggested something similar)

there were long grinding inclines and short sharp inclines too - a proper XC course!

TB's training paid off and he ran much better than last season - very pleasing - and as the season goes on he should get stronger

there were four folk from our Wednesday night friendly club too, including tigerrunner, who ran well - so a grand day out!

so the next two weeks:

I need to:
  • visit my Mum and get in her loft
  • visit studentbeanz and see her flat
  • go into school and sort out the filing cabinet I have inherited - being ruthless in the process!
  • really get on top of the planning ahead - now that I have got to know the classes it easier to look further ahead at what I will be teaching
  • try out some new experiments
  • get out in the garden
  • get some exercise
  • do my tax return
  • bake the Christmas cake - I always used to do that at half term


b-z said...

My cake is done
more time to saok up the brandy

How come you get 2 weeks??

Bedders said...

Have a great two weeks off.

Just the thought of Christmas cake gets me in the Christmas mood. You have a very lucky family tucking into a home made cake.....

I am already feeling sorry for the filing cabinet and your impending ruthlessness!

womble said...

Does this mean I have to add 'Make Xmas cake' to my list of things to do before I go away????

fraggle said...

fraggle adds "make Xmas cake" to her to-do list...........

Evil Pixie said...

make christmas cake? Err don't understand!!

Don't forget to add "Have fun and enjoy life" to the list!