Sunday, 22 October 2006

A grand day out ...

I went for a little plod yesterday morning - just had to be done, though it was not very inspiring

but it occurred to me that I might have been running Abingdon today - and lots of my friends were going to be there so why didn't I go along and support?

it would be a day for me - no work, no family reponsibilities and lots of mental space between clappings

so I got up at 5.30 this morning and drove down there - it was great to see people who were not expecting me :>)

and here are some of my friends at Abingdon:

I had a fantastic day - starting near Mile 6 with LMH we had a great time spotting forumites - sometimes only realising after they had passed who they were! Then on to Mile 16 where we had a chance to sit out of the rain in a pub courtyard and have a coffee before they came back into town.
I hung around there until all the important people had passed and then to mile 19/24 where I had a chance to cheer people in two directions at once.
And then to the finish where much whooping and hollering greeted some of the later runners to a grandstand finish.
And then to the bar for more chat and catching up with yet more peeps - some of whom I had only known virtually, so good to put bodies to faces!!

Oh and I also managed to put a few miles of brisk walking in the bank too!


b-z said...

bloody STAR!!!!!!!!!

C A D said...

Was so lovely to meet you at long bliddy last. Lovely, lovely, lovely!


Outsidenow said...

Sounds like a great day. Glad you enjoyed it. I see you're in profit now woth the 2006 mileage.

womble said...

Yes, it was great to see you again so soon, and so unexpectedly. Lovely!

I shall do my best to keep popping up over the next few weeks.



HappyasLarry said...

Good that you had such a great day. And starting the walk/run again will soon get you back on the right track.

Kieren said...

Thasnk for all the support you gave at the mile markers. I'm glad the rain (mostly) held off for you.

PS - I like the mileage thing you have in your sidebar - very swish