Tuesday, 10 October 2006

not much to say really

job continues to dominate waking hours - at least at the moment I am not dreaming about it!

no more running since last week's 2 miles - but all being well I will do another plodette with V69 tomorrow

3 days to go to the half term holiday, I will manage a little more exercise then

would have been doing Abingdon in 10 days if I hadn't taken this job - good job I decided to drop out! I did think of going anyway and marshalling, but currently I think it would not be a very restful thing to do, though it would have been lovely to see some good friends there

ah well,

back to the preparation ......


Highway Kind said...

Eventually you will find your routine. in the meantime all you can do is tick over. As long as you feel relaxed about it then that is fine

b-z said...

Remember the first year will be the worst-once you have a portfolio of teaching resources you wont have to keep doing so much preparation

run when you can