Sunday, 29 October 2006

another run done

blogger seems to be degenerating - yesterday it didn't seem to accept posts,

today no tool bar, no edit HTML - which makes tables difficult

another R4W2 run done yesterday - in the third rep I was all for giving up running completely as I really don't feel I have made any progress in the past 3 years

but you know how it is you pass that point and although it never feels good, it just doesn't seem that bad after all


kieren said...

you could try wordpress ;)

you can even install blogging software to your own server if you are technically minded - go to of that.

I use worddpress runing off a server (old laptop) in my bedroom.


Outsidenow said...

beanz you couldn't possibly give up running coz what would you do with all that gear?

b-z said...

Every run for me is a struggle


but if i dont run i feel so bad
you cant stop
i have ceased to worry about time in training