Tuesday, 26 May 2009

No more running

After some real pain with my knee over the past week I have decided to give up on trying to run until some serious weight has disappeared. Although the last straw was not running but sitting on a train and driving to and from school, I have to do something.

So resting, icing and exercising the joint at the moment. To be followed by seeing the phyzz and and another hospital appointment.

To lose weight I have to find some new exercise to do that I can fit in to life while still at school. The school pool has opened for use after refurbishment, so I think that will be the way forward for the next few weeks to the end of term.

Meanwhile feet up and more knitting:

Amongst other things:

A breast to help breastfeeding counsellors teach expectant mothers about latching on.

And a couple of squares for the p/hop blanket


Adele said...

Sorry to hear about your having to stop running (for now), swimming seems a good option.

I LOVE the knitted breast! I have a friend who is a midwife and she has various knitted body parts and felt rather embarrassed when some workmen came round and saw them on the table, they just all looked a bit blank and awkward! Hmmmm, I wonder if H would be fooled by the knitted model...

Probably Jane said...

How frustrating and painful for you. Enjoy the swimming.

Good on you for knitting for such good causes - the boob looks like an entertaining knit and talking point!

womble said...

I'm afraid I let out an audible titter when I saw that! But why shouldn't it be ok to knit anything?

Sorry to hear about the knee. Swimming is a good idea. Last year I couldn't believe how I actually felt hungry after I'd been swim training! If you can be good and keep your food sensible but up the swimming then it'll be a good start.

Do you fancy a bit of a walk?

Girish said...

That is really sad. Hope you get back to running soon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and post recovery strengthening of key muscles.

Just swimming will not be enough to strengthen your legs muscles, pl. consult a sports doc.