Sunday, 13 November 2005

High Peak Relay 2005

scroll down for pics!

not blogging for just a few days seems to make it harder to get going again

but I met up with EvilPixie today, so back in blogiverse

life is just so hectic at the moment that I can't quite rememebr what I am supposed to be doing where and when - last week finished in Durham and then Bath - took my kit but didn't run on Friday mornign when the alarm went off I just decided I needed the sleep

back home Saturday evening and straight into organising for the High Peak Relay - while I was away I had texts and emails about team members were dropping out - injuries, incoperative wives, forgetting all about it ........

mrbeanz did sterling work in working out the logistics of how two drivers could get everyone to the start of their races and yet not leave anyone hanging around getting cold at the end of their run

I was busy making the usual batch of flapjack for refuelling

and worrying - especially for the newbies, would they enjoy it or hate the hanging around for just a few miles running?


The day dawned bright and beautiful and stayed that way - the drive up into the Peak was full of autumn colours, absolutely glorious

as we drove up the A6 past Belper I could not believe I used to run out along there in my FLM training - did I really run that far?

a phone call from Pix signalled that at least one runner was in place at the start - and we were nearly there

arriving in a car park heaving with whippets is always disconcerting, but we met up with our forum team mates - Little Miss Happy, mark*w, Muzzy, Suzy Q, Photoman (MrQ), Space Cadet, Robin and of course Pixie - final team member, teenbeanz had come with us, Mrbeanz was injured and not running but was going to drive a support car, as was MrQ

all present and all ready to run!
the next three hours were spent driving round the countryside dropping off and collecting runners - the master plan all worked out brilliantly - in spite of a major road closure we did not know about until we saw the diversion signs!

mrbeanz & suzyq check the logistics

Little Miss Happy warms up for leg 3

(left) Muzzy prepares for Leg 5 with a broad smile

Dave Denton, Mastermind of the whole thing briefs leg 7

at the start of leg 7 Dave Denton admires teenbeanz's Aldi gloves!

SuzyQ finishes leg 8 strongly

everyone enjoyed their runs,

people running the same leg as last year beat their previous times

and this year we were not last!!

in fact we came 44/48 - so well pleased

teenbeanz, mrbeanz, Robin, LMH, mark and Pixie after finishing off the flapjack

if you fancy this race next year is 12th November - get it in the diary!

yet more pics here


Leon said...

Hmmm - just read Pix's report!!!

Sounds like something I might just be interested in doing, Beanz..

(If I get permission)

Evil Pixie said...

So that's Beanz, teenbeanz, Pixie and Leon. Almost half the team already!
Brilliantly organised and those flapjacks were heaven!

Leon said...

Heavenly flapjacks...???

I'm in...


b-z said...

hey-good to see you back

Highway Kind said...

This looks like good fun.

Can I join up for next year?

beanz said...

HK that would be great!