Tuesday, 1 November 2005

From Durham

So one down one to go.

Yesterday I did the same presentation four times - it was difficult to be sure whether I included everything in the last one!

Did all my core stuff yesterday - crunches, sit-ups and various glute strengtheners.
And done them all again today :>)

I do still have races planned - 2 10ks in November, the first I will have done, and a good chance of being last in the first one.
The trouble is that most races are on a Sunday morning, which is not good from a family/church point of view.

Ah well home tonight :>)


Leon said...

It'll be nice to be home again Beanz...
All this haring about the country.!!


Evil Pixie said...

Beanz I've posted a couple of recipes on the challenge that you may be interested in!
Oh and keep me informed about the HP Relay!

C A D said...

Home yet..?


Andrew McEvoy said...

Seems ages since I last saw you.