Tuesday, 8 November 2005

not a runner

after a couple of good runs last week I am now completely useless

dutifully went to the gym cos that was what I had decided - in spite of the fact that it was a LOVELY morning

went on the tready looking out over the nice flat riverside path (which I've just remembered I don't do on my own)

Aim to do 4 yassos (4x800m) at 8 km/h - managed 3 a couple of weeks 2 weeks ago so supposed to increase them
Did ONE and my legs were not liking it, so reduced the pace a bit and did 400s with 200 walking intervals instead - decided I needed to do 5.5 km - nearly 3.5 miles as that was one of my Hal Higdon targets for the week.

So managed 5.5 km of intervals, but the quick bits were only 7.5 km/h which is 8 minute km or 12.8 mm - I suppose it IS faster than I usually run, so will have done some good

TP's day off so yes we can do a run, but not from the gym cos she doesn't want to be called in and they are short staffed.

So from my house or hers? I have loads to do so she came here. But i cannot drag her out on teh main road at 10.00 am - too trafficy, so we go donw to the park. But that is even more 'undulating' and I wimp out almost cpmpletely and we walk back. I feel so sluggish this week.

And I've enetered my first 10k in less than 2 weeks and I will be last (really last runner last year was 85 minutes, which is what I am runnning on teh flat) and it is hilly and ........

but I must not moan about being last 'cos somebody has to and I tell teenbeanz it doesn't matter, but .....


High Peak Relay
Last year a crowd of forumites ran the High Peak Relay - reportand pics here .

The plan is to do it again this year - all seemed to be going smoothly until other things got in the way - injuries, XC leagues ....
So as of today we have 9 runners for 10 legs - the runners are of varying paces and it would be really good to do a quicker time than last year - and maybe even not come last - hence my reason for not running!
Pix has nobly offered to do two legs and even a longer one - we'll see what transpires.

I am going to see if I can persuade someone from the club who is not doing XC to do a leg.

Who'd be team manager eh?


b-z said...

oh bugger

Evil Pixie said...

oh don't you just hate it when things were going right and then go all wrong? That was happening to me until I discovered my legs DO need a warm up now.
As for Sunday if you want to run you run regardless of the time! You have just as much right as the rest of us - you could do Leg 9 and I'll do the longer one if you want?
Speak later manager!