Sunday, 6 November 2005

home for a few days and trying to catch up on family and work stuff

Sunday is long run day right?

but now my long run is getting longer (ok only up to 6 miles but it takes me a long time) it is getting harder to fit into Sundays

woke at 7, heard the rain hitting the window at about 90 degrees and decided I could not face going out for 6 miles withouth breakfast and no time ot eat, digest and then run before church, so went back to sleep

woke at 8.30 and then its a rush to get organised for Church

back from church, MrBeanz and teenbeanz went for their run and I didn't - excuse there is no time for me to do 6 miles before lunch

after lunch - need to digest, do a few other things and then get the evening meal in the oven and now its getting dark

so after a load of pathetic excuses, I have not run

what I should have done is gone out for a shorter run instead of nothing :<(( lesson learned - need to reschedule longer run away from Sunday - as I am working for the next five Saturdays its going to have to go on to Mondays most weeks I think so what happened while I was away?

I DID get to the club on Wednesday night and a couple of peeps plodded with me - pulling me round 3.6 miles in an average pace of 13:34 which is slow and not much faster than my power walking, but is the best pace I have done on the road for a while.

And I DID run on Friday morning 3.2 miles at 13:36

So what about this week?

TP wants to run on Tuesday, but it is forecast heavy rain, which she hates, so will she want to do 6 miles in the rain? Or shall I do 6 miles tomorrow on the grounds she will not want to go out? Maybe I can cope with two 6 milers on the trot, but its club on Wednesday, so tha would be three 'hard' days on the trot.


Monday gym - yassos 4 x 800 m at 8 km/h = 12 mm pace
Tuesday run with TP or alone
Wednesday club run 3.6 miles

day trip to Durham then on to Bath - no chance of a run

Friday hotel in Bath so find a run in the morning
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday High Peak Relay - may be running or just driving


Evil Pixie said...

thanks for the mail! Have replied!

Andrew McEvoy said...

What a crazy schedule, Beanz. You must qualify for your own lane on the motorway.

beanz said...

XB - going to let the train take the strain this week - could be even worse, though - Virgin Cross Country on a Saturday with engineering aagh