Tuesday, 4 October 2005

catching up

Out for a miniplod on Sunday morning - did not have time for as far as I had planned as I had to get back home for family stuff.
Off to London in the evenign for a meeting on Monday - need ot be at the venue for 8.00 am

Just a mile or so walking in London and a very heavy work day. Highlight of the day was Robert Winston talking about the importance of Science teachers :>)
Back home and collapse.

Gym first thing - programme 2 lots of CV and then squats, crunches and lunges

Then into the phyzz - after a once over and discussion of how things were she gave me some key exercise for the glutes. The good thing about these is that I can do them when away - assuming they give me a hotel room big enough to lie on the floor - not always the case!!
Then some soft tissue needling - an alternative way of dealing with my chewed up muscles. We'll see wheter it has worked - leg abit stiff now.

Off to lunch with LMH which was good - am pleased I am not doing Abingdon in 2 weeks!

And now I MUST work.


Evil Pixie said...

since when where you doing a marafun in 2 weeks??!!!

beanz said...

I am NOT - its LMH that is!

b-z said...

soft tissue needling?
you sound busy

beanz said...

its sort of acupuncture where the needle gets to the trigger poiint and doses the same as the phyzz does with her elbow - relieves whatever it is that is going on

no ill effects today - see what happens when I plod