Sunday, 23 October 2005

Good weekend

Friday social

A small but select group of forumites met on Friday night - LMH and mark, SuzyQ and MrSuzyQ (who has now become a forumite and has his own name - fotoman), Muzzy and Rory Coleman - famous mad ultra man and inventor of Marathon of Britain

I think I volunteered to crew at the MOB 2006 - subject to MrBeanz agreement - more of that later.

Off to visit friends in flattest Lincolnshire - had planned to plod a couple of miles early, but didn't make it - however we did walk a couple or three miles at Gibraltar Point - fantastic Nature Reserve - lots of geography - and birds too!

Good to meet up with old friends - mrbeanz's friends really and they were able to tell the teenbeanzes all sorts of tales of mrbeanz's mis-spent student days - so what they thought might be a boring trip turned out all right in the end!

Up fairly early for a four mile plod. Good clear autumnal morning, not too cold and little traffic on the main road I plod along.

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:32 131 includes 5 min warm up walk
2 14:40 140 includes lots of stretching at 1.5 miles and 1.9 miles
3 13:07 144 undulating return keeping HR under control
4 13:56 146 Killer Hill
4.0 13:49 140 a good plod I thought

Was contemplating why I want to go off for a week and crew for MOB - I don't even like camping!

I think it is some kind of mid-life thing - not exactly a crisis - but I have been a wife and mother for 22 years and not done anything away from all of that that is exciting or challenging until FLM this year. Decided not to enter FLM again until I know I have a chance of doing it significantly quicker.

So need something to look forward to and be involved in - and maybe this is it?

It will be the first week in September, the teenbeanzes' first week back in Sixth Form, mrbeanz's birthday at the end of the week - so not ideal timing but there is always something ...

I'll think some more....................


b-z said...

do it!

Up for a pop at Lyke wake this year too?

Im having a mid lfe crisis too

beanz said...

oh I'm only crewing - not actually doing it!!

Highway Kind said...

For such a madcap endeavour crewing seems the best option. I think you will have a great time

b-z said...

not doing it in 2006-yes i know
but 2007?