Thursday, 27 October 2005


not sure what is going on here, getting my act together to run is just hard

meet TP - it was absolutely pouring down and silly to go out in it when we were at the gym - so we did Yassos instead - for a 6 hour marathon that is 6 minutes for 80 m easy calculation - 8 km/h - not all that quick really, but we did them, maybe should go for a notch or two quicker next time. Total distance 5 km - so that's a 3 mile run out of the way this week.

planned to work at home (done) around some core stuff, but just didn't get round to it - so ZERO

teenbeanz has a training schedule from coach at club - which includes 25 minute recovery runs on Mondays and Wednesdays - so that was we set off to do - but did not plan a long enough route, but we need to make it a block and a half to fill his time
then off to see studentbeanz, so walkign but no more running

was going to get up and run first thing, but we all slept late and by the time I got up the traffic was full blast and I couldn't face running up the busy road and TOTM has kicked in
thought I might go to the gym this evening - then remembered I am giving blood this afternoon so will not be up to the gym after that

and I have work to do

and ....................................


edit later
blood rejected - low iron count, but not low enought to be anaemic

so does mean I could go out for a plod in the morning

watch this space

or not


Evil Pixie said...

oh dear - sounds like one of those weeks
one day at a time though as they say

Evil Pixie said...

Oh and let me know about the high peak relay

b-z said...

yes you can plod
But get some iron tablets into you