Thursday, 6 October 2005

running again

I had promised myself I'd go out at lunchtime - but I failed to get out the door

I have to recognise that unless I have arranged to meet someone to run I HAVE to do it first thing, before I am awake - otherwise I can always find an excuse

I'd like to go out earlier, but on a school day I can't go out until I've seen the teenbeanzes out the door really

Arranged to meet TP today at the gym and go for a run.

One of the receptionists spoke to me and said she'd been out with the running club last night - and sorry not to see me. Explained about slow running - and she said I was NOT to let that stop me going - maybe I will give in and go back.

We debated how far to go, I didn't really have time for more than an hour, so we agreed on that, but will increase the time by about 15 minutes each week.
And it was good - drizzly and grey, but off we went along the river path, stopping at each mile to stretch the calves we chatted throughout - TP having more breath to chat than me, but I did manage to talk, so not too fast. Did not have HR alerts on, but chatting meant it was probably about right pace.

And when we got back I found I had been going quicker than I have for ages :>)

Mile Pace AHR time
1 13:58 128 13:58
2 13:43 152 27:41
3 13:13 148 40:59
4 13:03 150 54:02
4.23 13:33 143 57:20


Evil Pixie said...

Well run! Nice and even!

Leon said...

It's a nice run beanz!!!
as Pix says - nice and even - and nice even HR for 2,3 and 4 too!!!



b-z said...

i might have to join a running club cos im not doing those mornigs now its dark

Andrew McEvoy said...

Well done, that Beanzie

I'll be watching my back in Leeds.