Monday, 10 October 2005

another good run

I have found treasure in my TP

we went out again today - is your longest run also supposed to be your fastest???

TP is quicker than me so she plods along and I work a bit harder and go a bit quicker than I would on my own

we both need lots of stretching in the early miles, so the pace we run at is quicker than the pace that shows as we stopped for a stretch at 1 mile, 2 miles and 3 miles

legs just began to feel good at 4 miles!!

Mile Pace AHR time
1 13:22 130 12:59
2 13:54 138 26:53
3 14:37 141 41:30
4 12:49 144 54:19
5 13:10 144 1:07:29
.03 12:59 149 1:08:16
5.03 13:34 139 1:08:16

so thanks TP!


Evil Pixie said...

did they run for you too?? No!? Oh so it must have been you!
Well done YOU!

Leon said...

This is REALLY working for you isn't it..

Great to hear you sounding so upbeat about your running Beanz


Andrew McEvoy said...

Nicely done, Beanzie.

I want a new TP too!! My present one is short on conversation but has a healthy wet nose.