Friday, 21 October 2005

plodding on

had hoped to be back in time for runnigng club, but it was not to be, so just some walking in Cambridge - couple of miles maybe?

up early for a 3 mile plod - still not cold at 7.00, but must find my gloves because it will be soon

first run following the phyzz on Tuesday - hamstring fine, calves tight for first couple of miles, stretched lots, but by the third mile they were feeling easier, but back ached coming up the hill, slowing me down to a walk

not worth a table for 3 miles

what: 3.22 miles
where: up the road and back
time: 45:36
pace: 14:10
AHR: 136

meeting TP - should have been a 6 miler, but she has an injured foot, so we went into the gym instead and I tried out her new programme for the treadmill class - she is a PT too

pyramids - increasing incline from 5 to 10 - could not run at the steeper inclines - never been that high before!

still 2.2 miles done

now trying to get some work done and in the post this afternoon

read this article in the Guardian yesterday - must get the book - my working life needs sorting!

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