Tuesday, 18 October 2005

in between journeys

just a short day at home between work travels

yesterday Exeter - a long way to go for a meeting

but I stole an hour at the end of the day to go walk about before getting a later (but through) train

it seemed from brief acquaintance to be quite a pleasant place to live, not too large and with access to some stunning countryside

wandered round the cathedral, which is a sensible size too with some old Norman bits and then add ons - and a nice green space around it

back home last night

to the gym and phyzz this morning - another go at needling the trigger points - seems to have been effective on my hamstring that was sore earlier

we'll see how the calves stand up to running tomorrow - if I am back in time that is

I was planning to go out with the running club, but I've just had the agenda and it is a long one, so that is looking less likely - and the meeting is not quite what I thought it was, and the business I am concerned with is last item :<(

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