Saturday, 1 October 2005

running is good!

I emailed Tigerrunner to say I did not think I'd be coming to the club for a while, and explained why. He replied with a lovely email, encouraging me to come and saying they would sort out some one to run with me each week - and if not run, just come for the drink and chat! We'll see.

Went out for a short plod with teenbeanz this morning - he is running in the Northern Road Relays tomorrow in Liverpool, so just wanted a gentle run this morning.

It was good - as I didn't go far and wasn't too tired coming back, I tried to run all the way back up killer hill - didn't manage it but made it farther than usual.

As he does not go as far as me in his weekend run, it will be good to make it a get up this ***** hill challenge and he can do it twice if he isn't racing at the weekend.

Will have to do my longer run another day.

Hoping to go out with TP later in the week.

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